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Integrity. Trust. Passion for Winning. 



InterBrands is an importer, exporter & distributor of multi-category products, ranging from health & beauty to hardware, based in Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean).

We supply supermarket and hardware chains, pharmacies, souvenir stores, convenience stores and wholesalers across Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

In addition, we supply customers across the Caribbean directly from our distribution center in Miami, FL., thereby saving them money and improving lead times.  

Our local and regional sales teams ensure that brands are successfully introduced in our markets and that they reach their full growth potential.

In order to further increase the sales and the service levels of our customers, we have a talented team of merchandisers that ensures that products are available and well positioned on shelves at all times. 


We aim to make daily life more purposeful by introducing brands that are used and trusted in thousands of homes. Throughout the course of our existence, these brands have defied the norm and helped shape consumption behavior and customer satisfaction. 

For years, we’ve challenged convention and inspired our customers—from the products we put on the shelves to the people we bring on our team.  


To increase the performance of our customers, and to differentiate them from competition, through superior quality products and/or priced alternatives. 


No matter how much we grow, we remain firm in our deep-rooted purpose, values and principles. Our vision is to become the largest distributor of health & beauty and household products in the Caribbean through continuous dedication to enhancing the performance of our customers as well as consumer lives. 

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